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3 June 2020 - 5 June 2020
4th Biobased Economy Conference -- VIRTUAL Edition

Going in circles means leading the way!

There is no such thing as waste in a sustainable bioeconomy, instead the end is a new beginning! Going in circles means leading the way!

Why? Simply because all resources are limited and there is a growing hunger for raw materials worldwide.

A truly sustainable bioeconomy will perceive organic waste as a valuable resource and will build bridges among industrial sectors that do not seem obvious at first sight.

With our 4th Biobased Economy Conference we want to bring the regional and international bioeconomy community together again. 
Our goal is to connect participants from different sectors and regions, so that you cooperate to innovate and create value for new waste-based value chains together.

The transformation is already taking place. Be part of it NOW rather than later. Discuss practicable ways to turn organic waste into value with stakeholders from all disciplines and sectors.

Biobased Economy Conference Potsdam is jointly organized by Food Industry Cluster Brandenburg, Plastics and Chemistry Cluster Brandenburg, Metal Cluster Brandenburg, Energy Technology Cluster Berlin-Brandenburg and the Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg.

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Austria 8
Belgium 15
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Canada 1
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Denmark 5
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Finland 8
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Italy 16
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Lithuania 14
Morocco 1
Netherlands 17
Nigeria 1
Norway 3
Poland 6
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Romania 6
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Slovenia 4
South Africa 1
Spain 20
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Switzerland 7
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Turkey 12
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Total 370
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Authority/Government 25
Other 43
Student 6
Start-up 28
Industry 23
Total 370
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