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3 Jun 2020 - 5 Jun 2020
4th Biobased Economy Conference -- VIRTUAL Edition

Bioeconomy in Brandenburg

Brandenburg offers ideal conditions for bio-economic research with its network of research centres and industrial sites. The region's potential is great and we seek to make it visible again during this year's Biobased Economy Conference.

Effects in the region

Designing and processing plastics from biobased resources is starting to change the way people live and work in Brandenburg. Biopolymers are largely obtained from agricultural waste streams that contain starch, protein and carbohydrates. More and more companies in the region are mass producing articles made from biopolymers. Both the Plastics and Chemistry Cluster and the Food Industry Cluster seek to make wise use of waste streams, if they cannot be avoided. These two clusters also join forces with the joint Berlin-Brandenburg clusters Energy Technology and Health Capital for a strong network, new ideas and valuable innovations. 

Our work is based on the conviction that only cross-sectorial cooperation will bring us forward and create a sustainable economy.

Research landscape

Brandenburg has five universities, nine universities of applied sciences and several other research institutions: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (FhG), Hermann von Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres (HGF), Leibniz Association (WGL) and Max Planck Society (MPG). Several of these institutions conduct research on bioeconomic topics, for example the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB) in Potsdam -- host of this year's Biobased Economy Conference.

University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde (HNE) and the Technical University Wildau (TH Wildau) are also important bio-economic research centres.


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