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3 Jun 2020 - 5 Jun 2020
4th Biobased Economy Conference -- VIRTUAL Edition

Our matchmaking will be completely virtual! Weird?! Maybe a bit, but by now, we believe, most of us have become used to video calls and conferences and it will work with people we don't know yet.

If you want to find out more about the technical side of the matchmaking, follow this link.

More important, however, is the quality of your profile, if you want to meet to the right partners. Here's how you maximise the impact of your matchmaking profile!

To make clear who you are, log into your profile, select "Edit profile"

  • your position in value chain
  • the type of biomass* you work with.

    After that, add a meaningful cooperation request or offer. This helps other to find you -- and you to find others.

    All participants will be able to view your profile in our marketplace. A meaningful profile will generate way more expression of interests for bilateral talks. 

    *We are using a great system that our keynote speaker Lene Lange has co-developed. Here it is:

    Source: Lene Lange, The Fundamentals Of Bioeconomy

    B2B meetings and video calls - How does it work?


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    Austria 8
    Belgium 15
    Brazil 2
    Canada 1
    Côte d'Ivoire 1
    Czech Republic 1
    Denmark 5
    Estonia 1
    Finland 8
    France 15
    Germany 145
    Greece 3
    India 2
    Ireland 2
    Italy 16
    Kenya 1
    Lithuania 14
    Morocco 1
    Netherlands 18
    Nigeria 1
    Norway 3
    Poland 6
    Portugal 22
    Romania 6
    Slovakia 10
    Slovenia 4
    South Africa 1
    Spain 21
    Sweden 4
    Switzerland 7
    Tunisia 1
    Turkey 12
    Ukraine 6
    United Kingdom 5
    United States 5
    Zambia 1
    Total 374


    Small or medium-sized company 86
    University 61
    R&D Institution 56
    Association/Agency 45
    Authority/Government 25
    Other 44
    Student 6
    Start-up 28
    Industry 23
    Total 374

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    Total 7481